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1 day ago · Dilraba lahir di Urumqi, Xinjiang, pada tanggal 3 Juni 1992. Dalam bahasa Uyghur nama Dilraba Dilmurat memiliki arti kecantikan yang menawan. 6. Jadi incaran pesepak bola Brazil. Ternyata kecantikan paras Dilraba mampu membuat pesepak bola asal Brazil tergila-gila. Bahkan ketertarikan tersebut ditunjukkan secara terang-terangan. Dilireba takes cover of Jan 2022 for TrendsHealth Magazine. “the hard gravel, leaving behind all the good things. At this moment, the winter is severely cold, she only feels the warmth of the years” 3 1640790094 reblog dilrabadilmurat dilraba dilmurat dilmurat dilraba photos photography photoshoot chinese actress otros. The moment he heard the cue, Gong Jun loosened his hold on Dilireba, the female lead, and bowed towards the crew to thank them for their hard work, more than eager to rush back to his hotel and rest. "Nice work to you too, Gong-laoshi", Reba patted his back with a friendly smile. Whereas, she stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1 "Being an IG 'thought' ain't half bad," she posted, calling herself "a business woman Plastic Surgery and the Secret World of Instagram Dolls Negin Mirsalehi plastic surgery before and after photos . ... she has admitted to getting lip fillers Dilireba (迪丽热巴), Vin Zhang.
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